full mouth restoration


Full Mouth Restoration

Do you feel like you don't know where to start? We can help.


We have helped many patients who felt like their dental concerns were too extensive and thought they would never have a healthy and attractive smile. Today, those same patients are smiling with confidence and chewing and speaking with ease. Part of our philosophy is that it's never too late to have the smile you want.


Whether you're coping with damage caused by a traumatic event or serious decay, we can help you. We'll discuss all your concerns and create a treatment plan to improve your comfort and restore your functionality. All your treatment will be designed with an eye toward aesthetics because we know that having an attractive smile is important.


The first step is to call our Boca Raton dental office and schedule an examination and consultation with one of our skilled dentists. We'll discuss your concerns and your goals and map out a treatment plan for you. One of our first goals will be to provide any treatment necessary to relieve discomfort and heal any active infection. Once these steps have been taken, we can start restoring and even replacing teeth.


All of our work is done with an eye toward aesthetics because we recognize how valuable and important an attractive smile is. We offer same-day porcelain crowns, milled right here in our office, as well as white fillings and stunning porcelain veneers. Dental implants are an excellent way to restore both the function and appearance of missing teeth. If you have multiple missing teeth, we can discuss cost-effective solutions like implant-retained dentures or partials for added security. Most modern restorative dentistry options look incredibly lifelike, and we're excited to show you what we can do!


Call us today to schedule a consultation so we can show you what's possible!