implant infected treatment


Implant Infected Treatment

Dental implant infections are incredibly rare with today’s modern technology, but should it happen to you, the dentists at Beacon Square Family Dentists are here to treat you with top-notch care.


While dental implant infections are rare, and generally occur within the first 2 weeks after surgery.   Should you get one, Beacon Square Family Dentists can easily treat you with a round of antibiotics.  Infections are usually minor and last only a short time.


More severe dental implant infections can be caused by improper fit, poorly made posts, smoking, or improper cleaning by the wearer.  It is important that these be taken care of immediately to prevent more serious dental problems.


Pain and redness are to be expected after getting dental implants, but should it persist; you may have an infection.  Other signs of infection are extreme, or prolonged pain, swelling, blistering, redness, loose crowns, an unpleasant taste, or smell, and bleeding.  These symptoms should be taken seriously.


If you have any of the signs of dental implant infection, contact Beacon Square Family Dentists right away.  Don’t suffer in pain, or risk serious damage to your teeth.   Our experienced staff will evaluate, and work on finding a solution for your dental implant infection.