implant supported dentures


Implant Supported Dentures

People who have dentures are often less confident when they talk, smile, and chew for fear their dentures may slip.  You can be completely self-assured though, with Beacon Square Family Dentistry’s implant supported dentures.


Implant supported dentures are removable dentures that are secured to the gums by mini implants.  They are far more stable than standard dentures, and help preserve the jawbone. Unlike traditional dentures, they require no gooey adhesives.


With implant supported dentures, small biocompatible metal posts are placed in the jaw, where they secured by the surrounding bone and gums.  Attachments on the underside of your dentures are matched up to the implants, and they firmly snap together, giving you security and piece of mind.


Aside from giving you more confidence, implant supported dentures have multiple health benefits.  Metal implants secured to the jawbone, stimulate bone renewal, reducing jaw shrinkage and changes in facial structure over time. Many wearers find their gum tissues are less irritated and painful. Most importantly, by restoring your proper bite and chewing motion, wearers can eat a more varied diet, including fruits and vegetables many traditional denture wearers typically avoid.


If you’re tired of worrying about embarrassing slips with your dentures, want to enjoy your favorite foods again, and keep your mouth healthy, call our office to schedule a consultation with one of our Boca Raton dental implants specialists. We'd love to discuss your options and help you restore your smile.