root canal


Root Canal

Are you experiencing pain or extreme sensitivity? Do you have a lesion on your gum next to your sore tooth? Has your tooth become discolored?


These are all symptoms that may indicate the need for a root canal.


We know that most patients tend to feel worried and anxious when they are told they need a root canal, but we want you to know that you have nothing to worry about.


The root canal's bad reputation is undeserved these days thanks to improvements in technology and technique. In most cases, the pain associated with root canals is actually caused by the infection that makes the treatment necessary, and not with the treatment itself. Many people begin feeling better almost immediately following their procedure. You'll continue to feel better as your body recognizes that the infection is gone and the inflammation recedes.


During the root canal, your Boca Raton dentist will create a small hole that will allow us to access the infected part of your tooth. We'll carefully remove the infection along with the damaged nerve. Once the inside of your tooth is clean, we'll fill it to prevent the infection from returning.


In many cases, a crown will be necessary to protect the tooth. Removing the nerve can make the tooth more brittle, and if we are treating a tooth that takes the force of chewing, we'll want to make sure that it won't break. We offer same-day crowns in our Boca Raton dental office, and we will discuss your options with you prior to your treatment.


The root canal is a valuable treatment option that allows us to save a tooth that might otherwise be lost. If you are in pain, call us right away so that we can make a diagnosis and treat your condition. We are happy to accept emergency patients, so don't hesitate to seek treatment.