teeth whitening


Teeth Whitening

Your smile is a crucial part of every first impression you make. If your teeth appear dull or even dirty because of stains, your smile may be creating an impression you didn’t intend!


Staining isn’t your fault. Many dark-colored foods and drinks, such as berries, curry, red wine, and coffee, contribute to staining, and genetics even plays a role. If your parents developed staining or yellowing as they got older, chances are good that you will as well. As you age, so does your enamel. It can become thinner and more porous, making it more prone to trapping pigment.


Even though staining is often a natural part of aging, that doesn’t mean you should have to put up with it! At Beacon Square Family Dentistry, we have the power to make a change.


We offer professional teeth whitening to help roll back the clock and erase stains. Teeth whitening brings your teeth back to their natural shade; you don’t have to worry about accidentally “over whitening” or looking unnatural. Professional whitening is safe for just about everyone, and it’s much more effective than over-the-counter whitening treatments.


Many patients ask us about over-the-counter treatments and whether they can be helpful. The truth is that the whitening treatments you can buy in the drugstore often rely on abrasive action to “scrub” away the surface stains, which can actually damage your enamel and make it more prone to staining in the future. Those products that do use a bleaching agent don’t come in the same concentration as we can provide in professional products, which means you have to use the product for a much longer time – and you still are unlikely to see the results you could get from using a professional product.


Call today to schedule your consultation at our dental office in Boca Raton. Teeth whitening can truly give you back your smile.